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what she was wearing.
03 October 2009 @ 10:16 pm

perfect colours for autumn. that was the inspiration. and monika is looking ever so pretty.
Escale by Horst Diekgerdes, starring Monica Jagaciak.
Numero; #107/October 2009
source: mixologies.

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what she was wearing.
13 September 2009 @ 08:47 am

Like many others, I'm afraid of who I really am. I'm afraid of being. I cover myself often. I'm disfigured, and maybe it does make me different - but I'm like you. and you're like me. You cover me. Maybe a little less than me, maybe a little more than me. But we're all the same. Flesh, bones. Female or male. I wish sometimes I was still a little girl. That I could breathe. What does liberation mean? What does it take?

When I was a younger girl, my mother always told me to breathe before I went hysterical. I tried this, many times, to breathe. And even through sometimes my throat felt split open, I was still able to breathe. Even then as a young girl, I remember my realization between the hospital strings and hysteria, this was to be human. I told myself I had to suffer. But I didn't have to. That idea was mine. I'm working on diminishing this. As always, it's easier said than done, but all closet demons in the eventual need to be taken to the light and curbed. They're not evil, they're just doing what they're supposed to be doing. It's their role, their job.

I'm hardly wise. I hide. I'm foolish. If only my words could come alive to me and demand I do them. There's my beauty, my hiding. But, you should know where to find me. All you need is a map. All I need is a map. I've heard so many songs about lights guiding you home. Do you think that's true? Or is it just a whimsical literary device that is so easy to sing out?

Today is a nice day, the sun is out - and even if there is school tomorrow, the air still feels sweet. There's still an essence of summer. (Like everything else, everything lingers for a bit.) Here comes the sun, and it's alright.

pictures from fashion gone rogue.
"electric company," by yelena yemchuk. model: madisyn ritland. magazine: elle us.
drabble 2009, september 10:18 am.
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what she was wearing.
06 June 2009 @ 06:19 pm

Alyona is all kinds of fantastic, I swear.Collapse )
Current Music: freedom - george michael
what she was wearing.
25 June 2008 @ 01:19 pm

julia, girl with seashell eyes.
fifteen. ice tea. quotes on napkins.
singing: 'we don't know how lucky we are.'
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